Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t think your belt in the professional range is long enough for me, do you have a longer one?

Yes we do, you will need to make a note of this on your order and specify that we change it. Our code for this belt is 50.171.115 - (114-132CM)

I wear my toolbelt at the back, can your tool belts accommodate this?

Yes, but please consider where your tools will sit as they will end up on the opposite side to what it would have been if worn at the front. For example, if you are right handed, and prefer your hammer on the right hand side, then we suggest you buy the left hand option so the hammer holder ends up on the right hand side.

What are the metal loops for on some of your toolbelts for?

These loops are for our toolbelt support braces. These have been designed to help distribute the weight of your toolbelt when on the job. There are two designs, 344AB for trades’ people who wear their belt at the front and the 344AB-REV for those who wear their toolbelt at the back. In 2021, we also released a new product 344AB-TM, which is a new, comfort-focussed design. 

Do you make custom made toolbelts?

At this time we do not. We do however have a large range of toolbelts on offer and a great range of accessories you can purchase to customise and suit your individual needs. Always feel free to contact us with any design modifications or concepts you would like us to consider. We take your feedback to all our product development meetings.

Do you make toolbelts for left handed people?

Most tool belts come with a place for the hammer on either the left or right hand side. Some designs require you to specify if you want left or right hand option.

Some people wear their toolbelt backwards. This means that if you are a right handed trade’s person and you wear your toolbelt at the back you need to purchase a left hand toolbelt so the hammer ends up on the right hand side.

What toolbelt would you suggest for me?

Professional Series

  • Made from full grain superior Cow Hide Leather
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Has all the bells and whistles
  • Happy to invest in quality
  • Uses toolbelt every day

Electrical Series

  • Made from full grain superior Cow Hide Leather
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Wants something designed specifically for the electrical trade
  • Happy to invest in quality
  • Uses most days on site

TradeMate Series

  • Made from hard wearing full grain Buffalo leather
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Simple and efficient design
  • Middle price range
  • Uses most days on site

DIY Series

  • Made from buffalo suede
  • Basic design
  • Cheapest in the Taurus range
  • Home handyman or minimal use

Can I purchase your products through a local dealer?

Currently for purchases outside of New Zealand,  our products are only available to be purchased on Our Website

If you know a local dealer who would be interested in stocking our products please pass on our details to them.

What is your warranty?

All Taurus products are unconditionally warranted against faulty workman ship or materials. We reserve the right to repair or replace at our discretion

Should you have an issue with one of our products please contact us directly, provide images if possible then we determine if it is a quality issue or has been accidently damaged through use. We do however undertake to repair any product accidently damaged, subject to the product being repairable. This does not include coverage for the loss a componentry or cost of freight.

How can I submit ideas regarding new designs and / or suggested modifications?

We have a dedicated team who love to hear what customers have to say about our products. This information is always discussed in our product development meetings and more often than not, results in an exciting design change.

With technology always changing, new tools and design fads in the market place, we want to ensure we are supplying products that support those constant changes

If you have an idea or concept you would like to propose, please contact us directly either through our Facebook page or on the contact us page of our website.

Where are your toolbelts made?

  • Professional Series – New Zealand Made
  • TradeMate Series – New Zealand Made
  • Electrical Series – New Zealand Made
  • DIY Series – Designed by Taurus, made in India

What leather do you use on your toolbelts?

  • Professional Series – Superior full grain cowhide leather
  • Electrical Series – Superior full grain cowhide leather
  • TradeMate Series – Hardwearing full grain Buffalo leather
  • DIY Series – Buffalo suede